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Coherent Inc. Purchases the Assets of Tinsley.

Coherent welcomes the employees and customers of Tinsley to the Coherent group.

Tinsley is a world renowned leader in specialty optics and sub-systems, located in Richmond, CA. They have been a strategic supplier of Coherent over the past few years, and their unique capabilities in the fabrication of very large optical elements, such as those utilized in our Excimer Laser Annealing (ELA) systems, helped Coherent to scale ELA line-beam dimensions beyond 1.5 meters; this, in turn, has enabled our mobile display customers to increase utilization and reduce costs in the manufacture of low-temperature polysilicon films, which is crucial for fabricating the high-performance AMLCD and AMOLED used in the vast majority of mobile devices today.

We plan to continue to serve and grow Tinsley's core aerospace and defense specialty optics markets, in addition to enabling increased vertical integration in our ELA business. Coherent has also completed the purchase of Raydiance, known for its all-laser precision manufacturing of optical systems/sub-systems, scanning and beam manipulation solutions. Coherent will be combining the assets of the two companies to create its new Integrated Optical Systems (IOS) business unit which will be based at the former Tinsley site in Richmond, CA.

Please reach out to us with any questions regarding these asset purchases. For questions about Tinsley, please email , and for questions about Raydiance, please email .

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Coherent Inc. - Providing Superior Laser Reliability and Performance.